Monday, 3 February 2014

DIY: Play Pretend Market Stall

Hi yiiiih! How was your loooong weekend? Me,I had a very tiring long weekend...ang bilis ng araw di ko nafeel masyado. Yes,It was tring but It was also fun filled! yipeee!

My long weekend started last Thursday where I had General Cleaning and I also did the laundry na,come Friday,We had our farewell party for our Team Leader that was held in BiƱan Laguna.Saturday,Me and my friend went to Divi,then yesterday,I just stayed home and did some DIY project!

Last Thursday My daughter received a late Christmas gift from her ninang Mai,It was a cash register toy.

My daughter was soooo delighted when she opened the gift.

Me: What will you say to ninang Mai?
Pia: Big Thaaaanks ninang!!!!

We all laughed on how she said it. arte arte lang,lol.

I knew she would love her new gift because whenever she's at my mama's store feel na feel niyang magtinda!

at feel na feel ko rin na gusto niyang magkaroon ng sari sari!

easy peasy project itech if may box kayo mga marze,I used refrigerator's box.=)

What you'll also need are the basics in making project.scissors,glue gun,tape,cutter or knife or anything that you think would help create your project.

Here's some pics to guide you on making this project...

Those are real snacks but I instructed her not to open them,(takot niya lang mawalan ng paninda) lol. I will buy more toy vegetables and fruits and will try to make toy bread and donuts this Sunday.

I hope you enjoy this DIY.

Let's be crafty!

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  1. This is a really nice alternative to buying expensive toy market stall sets. ^_^